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Caption: A sweet thank you by the newly married couple Anna Popplewell and Sam Caird to a musical group called "Motown Supreme," who performed at their reception.

Besides, their marriage was later confirmed by More Reign through a tweet.

Anna, who is in her late twenties, tied a knot with Sam Caird in in London, England. A musical group Motown Supreme was asked to perform at their reception.

The group even shared a sweet thank you by the newly married couple on their Facebook account.

, there are reports that she’s quietly dating fellow Avenger Chris Evans IRL.

When a couple learns and enjoys their difference, they can’t stop themselves to marry each other.He is a handsome hunk, and anyone will fall for him.His immense acting talent adds to his sex appeal and makes a woman attracted to him.The poorest in society would suffer most from many of these changes.The library of books at the abbey does not seem to have attracted much attention from collectors at the time, and M R James thought that they were mostly acquired by local Bury people.

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