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They also enjoy many (but not all) of the benefits and obligations applying to heterosexual marriage.Please also see our article on the LGBT community in Germany.We provide administrative advice – and it’s your job to add the romance.

Easy-to-use tools and features like Detailed Profiles, Instant Chat, Email Alerts & "Who's Online Now", make finding love, romance and friendship safe and easy! success rate in bringing people together, higher than most other services.

When romance meets reality: Organizing their wedding in Germany can cost foreign residents some time and effort, especially for the required paperwork.

Our expat guide introduces the legal framework for marriage in Germany.

Sweden legalised prostitution about 30 years ago, but recriminalised it after about 20 years.

Registered prostitutes are regularly given free mandatory health checks, and it is also possible for customers to write up contracts with sex workers in order to protect them in the case of the desired 'services' not being rendered.

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The result is that prostitutes are still often forced to work in dark uninhabited industrial areas, which puts them at risk.

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