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And whenever a book takes off like that, it inspires dozens of imitations.We have “My Night in the Planetarium,” which spends pages “speaking out against oppression.” And the self-explanatory “A Rule Is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy (Wee Rebels)”; “V Is for Vegan”; and “Emma and the While,” which emphasizes “empathy and wildlife preservation.” The trend is long overdue, say people interviewed in the story. To put it plainly, your dude does not want to know the particulars of your time of the month.Besides, his jealous face is not his cutest look (the green-eyed monster has never been one for beauty contests).During the 1770s and 1780s members of the Peoria Tribe, whose situation had deteriorated under British and American rule in Illinois, migrated west across the Mississippi River into Ste.Genevieve and the lower part of the Bois Brule Bottoms. It’s called “Children’s Primers Court the Littlest Radicals,” and it covers a new trend in children’s books.

In the 1790s, Louis Lorimier, authorized by Spanish officials, invited the Shawnee and Deleware tribes in Ohio to immigrate and settle along Apple Creek in Perry County in the hope that they would act as a buffer between the French to the north and the Osage to the south.

The topics, plots, and characters in these books are all hardline leftist and heavy on identity politics.

“Toddler-tomes,” the reporter calls them, “are meant to resonate most ringingly with progressive millennials and their tiniest charges.” Some of the lessons in “A Is for Anarchist,” a popular alphabet book, exemplify the indoctrination. “A Is for Activist” has sold 125,000 print units since its release in 2013.

Remnants of their earthen mounds can be found in the eastern part of the county. During the 18th Century, the Perry County area, like the rest of the future State of Missouri, was part of French Louisiana, also known as the Illinois Country.

For most of the 18th Century the area of present-day Perry County was left largely uninhabited, even by the French of nearby Ste. The latter was the first permanent White settlement in the Missouri area.

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