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You know, your body has to stay that way for your entire life, and it's pretty hard on your muscles and your bones".

After her brief performance in that show, Winstead began making appearances in various television series and earned guest roles in Touched by an Angel and Promised Land.

As she entered her teens Winstead was forced to quit ballet due to her height.

She later stated: "I realized pretty early on that I was already too tall by the time I was 13...

After the family moved to Utah when she was 5, she moved to Peruvian Park Elementary, where she was into acting and dancing very much.

She appeared as John Mc Clane's daughter Lucy in the fourth and fifth films in the Die Hard franchise (2007, 2013), Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs.CHRIS NEUMER: You were supposed to talk to me today at and stood me up. Do you find that your acting ever slips out into your everyday life or your persona? CHRIS NEUMER: You got to admit though that life is going well when you have to cancel all the interviews you’re doing because you need to take meetings with big Hollywood studios so they can tell you how much they like you. It’s not a bad thing, but it is stressful at times. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: (laughs) And then all the same people at the premiere on the press line too, it’s funny. ” I got that one a lot and, “When you die, how do you want to go out? We’d kind of look at each other and the other one would start.Following Jigsaw's grisly demise, Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but Agent Strahm is suspicious, and delves into Hoffman's past.Meanwhile, another group of people are put through a series of gruesome tests.

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