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It won’t, however, be dropping any jaws this time around, says Madden. From 12-years-old you can go on the internet and find anything you want so I don’t think there’s much to shock anyone anymore,” the 29-year-old says. “There’s not much nudity per say but she said, ‘Will there be noises?

“Hopefully this story is just going to bring a grit to these characters that is real and actually very moving, to see people struggling through life and despite all the odds trying to find beauty and hope.” But it does go without saying that there will be scenes of a sexual nature that some people will find shocking… ’ and I said, ‘There might be’, so she said, ‘Well, I’ll not watch it then.’” For Madden, there is more to those intimate scenes than deep breaths and bared flesh.

Change it too much and you’re left with something so crude – yes, even cruder than Lawrence! In particular, you lose its underlying preoccupation with social class, a system that its author sensed was in flux, the trenches having thrown up all sorts of in-betweeners (the novel was published in 1928).

In Mercurio’s hands, the narrative was – quite a rare feat, this – at once clichéd and anachronistic.

Except, while I’m very much for egalitarianism, I can’t help thinking that Connie and Oliver are going to have a difficult life.

For one thing, she’s going to expect a certain standard of living that he can’t provide based on his work experience as a miner, soldier, and gamekeeper.

“You know when you’re really in love with someone and you have that great intimate relationship?

It’s not just great sex or lust, it’s a real connection,” says Madden.

So, he reduced it to just two speeches – a single mention of “John Thomas”, a quick C-word, but definitely no weaving of violets down below, and so on – both of which were not only predictably squirm-inducing but also baffling, having seemingly come out of nowhere.Speculation is rife over just how much sex will appear in the latest screen adaptation of DH Lawrence’s novel, first published privately in 1928, about an aristocratic woman’s affair with a working-class gamekeeper.Central to the plot is Constance Chatterley, played by Holliday Grainger, who is torn between her genuine love for her husband Clifford and her lust for the enthralling gamekeeper Mellors, played by Games of Thrones star Richard Madden.[Writer/director] Mercurio wanted to emphasise youth, as messed up by bombs and mines, rather than jaded adulthood.Accordingly, the later of two ball scenes was costumed and soundtracked for 1919, not the mid-1920s of the novel ( I did feel like they went a bit heavy-handed on the gender-role-thing, particularly when Sir Clifford tells Lady Chatterley that he “ought to be a figure of potency” for her (ugh).

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