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At the national average of four dates each per year, this equates to a total dating market value of more than £8 billion.The highest spenders on average are the Welsh; the highest ratio of single women to men is found in Glasgow; the lowest is in Reading.Match was so impressed with this finding that they made the above video to illustrate it.Forty-five percent of i Pad users had a one-night stand in 2012, compared with 29% of e-reader owners and 24% of those who had traditional (non-smart) cell phones.

The cost of the average date is £206.87, the financial brunt of which is mostly borne by men, although women spend almost as much (£191.38) on clothes, hair and beauty products in preparation.It takes 1 hour for a woman to determine whether or not she wants to date a man again.A man decides in 15 minutes On an average, women say over 7,000 words per day. What is known as a French Kiss in the English speaking world is called an English Kiss in France.Over 11,000 people worldwide responded to the Time Out Global Dating Survey.You can check out all the big headlines here, but for me, it was the random facts which made me chuckle as I compared the way people in different cities date. We All Think We're Hotter Than Our Dates Time Out asked survey respondents to rate both themselves and their average dates, out of 10.

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The survey results didn't really dispel that rumour - the global average is 3.53, which obviously considers more conservative cultures too.

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