Dating silvertone acoustic guitars

All of us – players and makers alike – started adding features and making demands that drove complexity up, up and away.

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Can you identify it for me and tell me how much it’s worth? There are hundreds of thousands of Harmony guitars out there, and though these are mostly entry-level instruments, they’re very much a part of guitar history.

Harmony was the largest US guitar manufacturer between the 1930s and late 1960s.

This marked the end of the Silvertone brand on Searss guitars.

These guitars were supplied by various manufactures in .

The guitars generally had a sticker on the neck plate or the model number was stamped into the neck plate.

The Sears Silvertone radio and Silvertone guitar, two highly collectible items today, are largely responsible for America's fond recollection of the Sears-Silvertone connection.

In 1915, Sears introduced the Silvertone phonograph, a hand-cranked machine that came in tabletop and freestanding models.

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