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The Raleigh Cycle Co, Nottingham 1900: FRANK BOWDEN of Raleigh on the left The history of The Raleigh Cycle Co offers an excellent insight into the history of cycle manufacturing in Great Britain.

And for those of us who collect ‘old black bikes’ Raleigh provided a wonderful supply and variety.

On some frames, where the paint is thin and the digits well stamped the frame number will be easily read.

Knowing the year made narrows the field enormously when trying to ID the model.

Pre 1957 Claud Butlers can easily be dated to the exact month from the frame number alone.

I'd be amazed and impressed in a worried sort of way if anyone could ID it from a (possibly incorrect) frame number, might help if you posted a pic, there are people round here who could probably identify it from that. I was meaning more that someone might be able to shed some light on what I might have got wrong in the serial number.

I'm pretty sure it's an 80s but the guide here says all 80s bikes begin with a W as the serial. beginning with a G only has 4 numbers after so it's not a G.

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