Are funny women intimidating

The trait is so sought after that it has its own acronym—GSOH—in dating ads.

I thought that odd, because when I speak to my man-friends the first thing they say is that they DO want a woman with humor.She is currently in her fourth year of a Chinese and French MA at the University of Edinburgh.She performs as part of The Improverts at Bedlam Theatre and is the new host of Grassroots Comedy.Subjects were asked to choose a potential date of the opposite sex.Bressler found that women want a man who is a humor "generator," while men seek a humor "appreciator." Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and author of , argues that the humor divide is best understood as a result of sexual selection: Women are the choosier sex, and because they prefer funny men—a signal of cognitive fitness—men learned to deploy humor and wit to attract a mate and perhaps to outsmart other men.

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According to Eric Bressler, a psychologist at Mc Master University in Canada, men and women don't mean the same thing when they say they value humor in a long-term partner.

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