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A rudimentary version of the abacus, dating to around 2,500 BCE, was developed in Sumeria (now Iraq) and subsequently spread to Europe and the rest of Asia.

As the abacus was refined, calculations that had been considered extremely difficult became routine.

For example, this day, on March 30th, the following happened: 3) the Inventors Timeline – takes you back to the Paleolithic Era then forward to present time, identifying all key inventions known to the world…a very interesting way to see how the pace of technology is quickening.

Check out It’s About Time for a day-by-day history timeline, or Invention and Inventor Lists for interesting lists of patents, inventors, entrepreneurs and more.

2) Inventors - this community is full of great insights on the history of inventors (a subset of creators and innovators in my mind).

The students exhibited have interpreted the theme with imagination, vision, and humor.

They use formal approaches, such as complex patterns, personal narratives, and abstractions to investigate the small pieces that make up the whole, like the abacus.

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